Take Action!

Recognise, Record & Report

Recognise, Record & Report
If you suspect a wildlife crime is or has taken place – REPORT IT

Follow up on your report
You cared enough to report it; make a follow up call

Write to your local TD or Minister
Push for more resources to be provided to agencies working to combat wildlife crime
Minister and TDs

Raise awareness
Distribute wildlife crime flyers to schools and libraries

Do not import foreign species
Report sightings of non-native species
Invasive Species Ireland

Safely dispose of toxic substances
Take extreme care if using rodenticides- rat poisons, lawn chemicals, or other pesticide products
Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

Buy only environmentally friendly souvenirs when travelling
Demand for illegal products made from endangered species fuels wildlife crime
WWW Good Nature Travel

Travel sustainably
When local communities benefit from tourism, they have the incentive to protect their natural resources
Sustainable Travel International

Join a local wildlife group