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Wildlife Crime - Poisoning of Birds of Prey

Seán David Byrne, June 20, 2020, Blog, Ireland

The confirmation in May this year that the deaths of 23 buzards in Co Cork, Dec 2019 were the result of deliberate poisioning generated much publicity...


Ireland's battle to save our wildlife

Amy Lewis, Sept 3, 2018, Irish Examiner Newspaper, Ireland

The ongoing persecution of wildlife overseas is often highlighted but such incidences aren?t as far away from home as one might imagine....



Preventing Wildlife Crime

Mooney Show, Jan 21, 2018, Podcast, Ireland

Interview with PSNI, An Garda Síochána, and Birdwatch Ireland...

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Seán David Byrne "Wildlife Crime - Poisoning of Birds of Prey" Blog 20.6.20

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Kildare Today 20 April 2016